Oluwatobi Adesanya

Oluwatobi is a prolific writer, author, entrepreneur, inspirational speaker, and youth leader. He is the author of several books, and notable among them is Quantum LEAP (Irrefutable Principles to Get You from Where You Are to Where You Should Be) released in 2018.

He is a graduate of Political Science from Lagos State University where he began his journey in leadership and has since served in various leadership capacities. 

Upon his discovery of the gift of writing, through inspiration and much training, he ventured into the business of ghostwriting and publishing. 

Today, he runs and is the Creative Director of Heart2World Publishing that works with the vision to simplify the journey to self-publishing for aspiring authors. His client base spans beyond the shores of Nigeria to other nations of the world.

Oluwatobi also has an undying passion for the young. Over the years, he began to Teach, Inspire, Train and Mentor young people in the path of purpose. 

Due to this great passion, he caught a vision to begin a Youth Organization which has become the center point of all his impact initiatives with the young. 

In 2014 through a God-given vision, he began Instructions For the Tertiary which pulls together hundreds of secondary school students and secondary school leavers to Train, Teach, Inspire, and Mentor them to live purposeful lives on campus. 

He has also birthed EnlighTEEN Academy in 2019; a school of wisdom, impartation which serves as the training ground for young champions. 

He is also passionate about mental development. He is a certified trainer, speaker, and coach in the use of psycho-neurocognitive skills. He is currently developing online and physical classes for businessmen, leaders, and mentors for greater productivity and personal effectiveness.