Publish More For Far Less

There are three main fears or excuses writers have when it comes to publishing their books:

  1. It is too costly. I may need to close my account or seek a loan to publish it.
  2. I don’t know where to start. The process appears difficult. Where can I get a reliable publisher?
  3. How can I sell the book when its eventually in print?

Finally, here’s an offer that answers all these questions and more.

Imagine yourself signing copies of your own books and shipping to readers all over the world?

Imagine receiving mails from your readers thanking you, praying and celebrating you because you chose to bless humanity with your words?

Imagine selling several hundreds and thousands of your books (soft and hard copy) and smiling to the bank?

Imagine radio stations and TV stations calling you and asking you to come on air to share your story and your book?

Imagine receiving several speaking engagements just to share your message and your book?

Now…this isn’t just a figment of one’s imagination. It has happened to me and it has happened to a good number of our authors here at Heart2World Publishing.

The beautiful thing is, it can happen to you too.


My boss, my mentor, and a number of people that have bought my book said they love the quality of your work. Keep it up because honestly pleasing my boss is not so easy. You are my God-sent publisher. I wouldn’t have asked God for a better publisher. You are simply the best.

Greatness A.T Olorunfemi (Author of Rescued By Love)

Whether you publish an ebook, 100 printed copies, or 1000 copies, you become an author when you choose to share your message with the world. This is exactly what we want to help you achieve.

The DREAM OFFER RELOADED is intentionally designed to help you get published in grand style. Yes, you’ll find out in a moment.

With N180,000 you can receive 200 high-quality prints shipped to you anywhere you are in Nigeria.

Here’s what this offer comes with:

  1. ISBN
  2. Professional cover designs +3D mockups.
  3. Interior design layout (It can also serve as a quality ebook to be sold)
  4. 200 High-quality prints (Cream or White Paper)
  5. Book dividers.
  6. 50 beautifully designed carrier bags.
  7. Home delivery


First of all, I am a human being. And like everyone who is doing something for the first time, I was frightened, curious, and aggressive. However, the Heart2World Publishing team held my hand and walked me through the publishing process. It was that simple and also that’s the short version. I would recommend them every time.

Linda Temienor-Vincent (Author of Mouth Hung Open & Other Stories)

That’s not all:

You’ll also get

  1. A 30-minutes consultation call with me to walk you through all you need to know about writing, launching, and selling your first book or next book. This is worth N10000
  2. A one-hour video course on how to create book titles that sell. This is worth N20,000
  3. 2 of my best selling books work over N10,000

You’ll be getting this added value at no cost to you.

This is indeed a BIGGER offer. You’ll not find this elsewhere..

Due to the intense work and thorough process of our publishing, we can only take 5 offers this month.

First come, first serve.

There’s every tendency that by the time you come back to this post, the slots for this month will be all gone.

This offer is for serious I-want-to-be-published-now-authors.

Quit procrastinating. Let’s get started with you now.


  • Your manuscript must be fully edited and ready to be published before you send to us. (See FAQ for more)
  • Your manuscript must also be between 12000-16000 words maximum.
  • This offer requires full payment.

To talk with us, please connect with us on WhatsApp.


Does this delivery cover all locations?


Will I really get all that is offered here?

Yes, you will.

We pride ourselves in exceptional and stress-free service delivery. We are here to do the heavy-lifting while you relax.

What if I want more than 200 copies?

Yes. We can print 300, 500, 750, 1000, and above depending on your request. Please connect with us via our WhatsApp line to get the appropriate costing for that.

What if I have a cover and ISBN already will I get a discount?

Please reach out to us via our WhatsApp line for further conversation about this. We are out to give you the best at the most affordable price possible.

Does this offer include editing and proofreading?

No, it does not. This offer requires that you already have a finished and ready-to-publish manuscript before you send it to us for publishing.

However, if you require our editing service, you can place a request for that and the cost will be sent to you separately. Please contact us via our WhatsApp line.

Can I pay in installment?

No. As this is a time-based and limited offer, it requires full initial payment before we commence work on your project.