About Us

It started from a conversation. Great ideas are birthed when inspired minds connect. From a mere idea conceived in a conversation, this company was born. 

The name “Heart2World” captures the exact process and dream that lies in the heart of several people.

Every invention, product, and breakthrough event in history was first conceived in the heart before it became manifest in the world.

We, as a company, exist to help translate those beautiful ideas, unique thoughts and perspective, into beautiful books to be consumed by readers all over the world.

This is why we are passionate about helping people realize their dream of becoming successful authors. The dream to write and share with the world is often resident in the heart of each one of us waiting for someone to help birth it. 

Through our unique ghostwriting service, we help to capture what authors have in mind and translate them into full books. 

Then we walk you through (hand-in-hand) through all the remaining processes that will lead you to become a successful published author.

To simplify the journey to self publishing for aspiring authors

To become the foremost publishing company in West Africa and beyond.

Our clientele

Our clientele cuts across reputable men and women. We have worked with women and men at the top of the ladder of success in global corporations, thought leaders, international speakers, clergymen, TedX speakers, Business Owners, and a lot more. 

We pride ourselves in giving an exceptional service that keeps people coming back for more. 

Our team