About Adedeji Abisinuola

Adedeji Abisinuola is a creative writer, content creator, and public speaker. She is the Chief Author of www.justeenkin.com, where she uses her pen as a tool of impact.

The story of her writing journey could begin from when she wrote short stories as a seven-year-old pupil. She had her articles and stories published in her school’s magazines and presented some on special occasions.

An ardent reader, she grew up having over fifty unpublished works in her archive before her days as a teenager. As a senior secondary school student, she was the Editor-in-chief of her school’s press club and the president of the Literary and Debating society.

She had her debut performance as a spoken word poet at Lagos Poetrython where she shared the mic with renowned poets. Ever since then, she has written several poems on societal issues.

She developed her writing skills and soon got employed by several freelance companies. She worked as a product reviewer for Amazon Nigeria and a few other firms. A good number of her works have been featured on different blogs, websites, and magazines.

Abisinuola presently serves as the Executive Vice President 1 of Insight Initiative, U.I (a reading and writing club). She is also the feature editor for Agronomy press, University of Ibadan, and the Director of Communication, JCIN UI. She is currently working as a creative writer for Heart2world publishing.

Her art is wrapped in creative writing, copywriting, editing, scriptwriting, page poetry, and digital marketing. Above all, she is Jesus’ scribe.